How to Order

What to include in your email order request:

  1. Your name.
  2. What type of item you want reviewed (book, résumé, flyer, brochure, letter, website, etc.).
  3. How quickly you need the item reviewed.
  4. Whether you want proofreading or copy editing.
  5. How many words your document contains (you can estimate if necessary).


  • If your item isn’t in Microsoft Word, please tell me what program it is in and I will see if I can transfer it into Microsoft Word. If not, I will still be able to review it, but I may not be able to show you my changes/corrections digitally.
  • If you want an entire website reviewed, please state this and give me the website URL. I will look it over and get back to you with a price quote.
  • If you want me to design a simple website for you using WordPress, we will need to meet – either in person or online – and talk about what exactly you want in your website.

Send me an email

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What happens next:

  • I will get back to you via email with a quote on price and delivery.
  • When we agree upon terms, any required deposit must be paid (which counts against your total bill).
  • When I get your payment information, I will start working on your project.

Any questions? Email me at

Quick – Thorough – Affordable

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