Hi! I’m Deb and I love reading, music, movies, travel, camping, family, and friends…plus, I’m passionate about helping people with their writing.

How may I help you?

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I’m Deb and I like helping others make a good first impression.

I’m an experienced communicator with over 40 years of business experience, including proofreading, copy editing, writing, marketing, and more. I’m passionate about proper writing, good grammar, and helping others make a good first impression.

Did you know that many people stop reading résumés, letters, flyers, or brochures when they see spelling or grammar mistakes? Along with blocking true understanding, writing errors reflect poorly on the person who wrote them.

My goals are to help make your writing the best it can be, to do my work quickly, and to provide outstanding customer service with 100 percent satisfaction. I will work with you until your document, book, website, resumé, or other written piece is just right for you. Together, let’s make your words matter.

Just a few fun…and funny…grammar facts. Enjoy!

Quick – Thorough – Affordable

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